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The Alex is an open house hotel, inspired by the streets and scenes that surround it. With 34 rooms and suites that come with everything you need for a comfy stay plus unrivalled view of the Athens Riviera, this is a true modern boutique hotel experience. Whether you're staying with us, popping in for a coffee, lunch or dinner or working with your laptop away, our restaurants and bars are open to all serving food, coffee and cocktails from morning till night.

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Twinn is a contemporary hotel nestled in the bustling heart of Piraeus. Designed with the modern traveler in mind, it offers smartly-designed rooms that maximize comfort in a compact space. Guests can kick-start their day with a hearty breakfast, access round-the-clock services at the reception bar, and benefit from a convenient shuttle service to the port. As the sister establishment of The Alex and a proud member of the Santikos Collection, twinn emphasizes ease of stay and unbeatable value for every guest.

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Nest is our rooftop reataurant and bar where you can soak up the beautiful view of the Athenain in a understated yet sophisticated space . With view from the Acropolis to the Niarchos Cultural Center , you will be mesmerised by the endless sea. As the sun sets, you can watch the sunset from the roof witnessing the colours of the Athenian sky turning orange and purple while shipping on refreshing cocktails.

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